Steve Patty is a teacher, consultant, author, and conference speaker.  He leads Dialogues in Action, a consulting firm dedicated to helping people and organizations evaluate their impact, multiply their influence through leadership, and design strategies to make progress on their mission.  



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.Every year, Steve speaks at local, regional, national, and international conferences.  His speaking typically focuses on evaluating your impact, developing your leadership capacity, being clear and intentional about your purpose, and designing effective strategies to influence people and systems.

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A few written resources capture some of the ideas from Steve's work:  a strategy piece called Moving Icebergs and an evaluation book call Getting to What matters are available on  Other resources are available for download at



The team at Dialogues In Action provides strategic planning, leadership cohorts, and evaluation capacity building through cohorts we call Project Impact.  The team has been running cohorts in OR, CA, ID, NV, BC, AB, NY, UT, WA, and through various regional and national organizations.